Making it a little easier to live well

Living well starts with taking care of yourself.  But life is busy and too often we don't have time. 
That's why we want to make it easier by bringing you the things you need.
jar with granola, raspberries and yoghurt

nourish your body & soul

Each box contains wholesome nourishing foods, natural soaps and creams to pamper your body and beautiful quirky homewares to lift your soul.  Read more about the healthy products we handpick for your box, 

support QLD's makers

Every amazing product in your box is crafted in Queensland by talented makers.  That means each box supports 6-12 small Queensland businesses to grow. Learn more about the Sunshine state's fabulously talented makers. 

Group of people on cocoa plantation
plate with ceramic heart

plates for mates

We believe everyone should have good food so every Sunshine box sold provides a healthy meal for two Queenslanders in need. We've partnered with FareShare who cook nutritious daily meals for a range of local charities from their Brisbane kitchen, Read more...

good food for all

that's what makes us tick....
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Take a peek in the box....