We'd like to share a little happiness with you.

With a limited edition Sunshine Happy Box 
for the special price of just $49.

To celebrate UN International Happiness Day we've got a special offer that's full of happiness!  Order our limited edition Happy Box today and:

• enjoy the surprise of discovering what's in your box

• delight your tastebuds with new, delicious foods 

• make your body sing with all natural ingredients 

• smile when your cheery yellow sunshine box arrives

• share some happiness by supporting local businesses

• and donating a meal to someone in need

• oh, and you'll love the amazing value ...  

At just $49 it's half price.  Now that's got to make you smile :) 

Hey Sweet! 


That's half price. 

Enjoy a delicious handpicked selection of Queensland's best craft foods. 

Your sunny yellow Happy Box will contain half a dozen beautiful all natural Queensland made products.  What's in your box is a happy surprise,  

What's in the box?

Take a peek and see what beautiful traditionally crafted foods, bodycare and homewares could be in your Sunshine box...
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Love what you see?  

Want to enjoy beautiful foods, body & home products that are better for you every month? Order your monthly  box now. 
full sun
$ 149.00

Wow, what can we say. This box captures all the goodness and perfection from a sunny Queensland day.  It's a true treat for all your senses, containing 10-11 hand crafted and utterly delicious foods and beautiful treats for your body & home.  Packed with all your daily essentials for the month.  You can choose to fill your box with all food or a mix of food, body & home items.  Look below to see what can go in your box. 

morning light
$ 99.00

You know that fabulous half light in morning that tempts you out of bed with promise of the new day ahead?   This half sized box is ideal for those that want to be gradually introduced to new favourites.  It contains 5-6  hand crafted and delicious foods, natural and beautiful body and homewares.  You can choose to fill your box with all food or a mix of food, body & home products.  Look below to see what can go in your box. 

Common questions... and answers! 

When will my box be delivered?

Expect your Sunshine box to arrive in the middle of each month.  We send out your box on the 16th  - so it should be with you in 1-2 days.  We'll send you a tracking link when it's dispatched so you can see when it's due to arrive. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free when you subscribe to a Sunshine Box. 

If you order a limited edition box, delivery is charged at a flat rate of $12.90 AU wide. 

How many items are in each box?

The full sun boxes typically contain 10-11 items, while the morning light boxes have 5-6.   

We want you to love every box.  So what's in your box will vary from month to month - depending on the beautiful seasonal products we've selected for you. That means the number of items might fluctuate a little - but will always provide great value. 

Can I choose what goes into my box?

You can choose between all food or a mix of food. home and body care products.   And let us know if you are a tea/coffee drinker or a honey/jam/nut butter lover (so we know what products not to include).  

At the moment we can't offer the ability to pick individual items to go into your box (sorry!) but we'd love to know if this is a feature you'd like in future. 

How long do I have to subscribe for?

We want you to love your Sunshine box, so there's no fixed period.  Your subscription automatically renews each month and you can cancel or pause at any time.  

How does the flexible subscription plan work?

A flexible subscription makes it easy for you to enjoy the things you love with no hassle.  When you sign up for a full sun or morning light flexible subscription your order automatically renews each month. We charge your payment card on the 15th of every month, and send your box on the 16th.  You can pause, skip or cancel at any time by logging into your Sunshine account. 

Can I pause or skip a month?

Yes of course, if you are on holiday or just need to skip a month,  you can log in and cancel your box for that month. Easy.  

Can I send subscription boxes as a gift?

Yes, that's a beautiful idea.  It's a gift that keeps giving.  During checkout you can tell us it's a gift and the address you'd like it sent to. You  can also choose how many months you'd like us to send the monthly Sunshine box to your lucky recipient. 

If you just want to send a one-off gift then please choose from our limited edition boxes

Can you include my favourite....

If you'd love to see a particular product (that's craft made in Qld) added to  your Sunshine box, then please let us know and we will see what we can do!   

Can I just order one box to try?

Sure, hop over to our limited edition one-off boxes and buy the Happy Box. It will contain most of the products included in this months full sun subscription box.

Or get in touch... 

please use the form below to get in touch and we'll get right back to you!